Actors and Vehicles of Architectural Criticism (11)

Blending Textual and Visual Rhetoric for a Critical Discourse:
Oscar Niemeyer and Marcel Gautherot at Modulo (1955-1962)
Heliana Angotti-Salgueiro
Presbyterian University, Sao Paulo

Heliana Angotti-Salgueiro holds a Ph.D. in History (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, 1992). She has had an active interdisciplinary intellectual path as a Scholar, editing books and organizing colloquiums with outstanding collaborators in Brazil and in France, in the fields of art history, architecture, urbanism, geography and history of photography. As a Head Professor of the Chaire Brésilienne en Sciences Sociales Sergio Buarque de Hollanda, associated to Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (2004-2008), she was Visiting professor in France. She also conducted research for museums and study centers in USA as an ARIAH Fellow, and in Brazil she was responsible for Curatorship of international exhibitions in 19th and 20th century subjects. Actually she belongs to a research team at Mackenzie University on City Planning History and professional knowledge of engineers and architects, between 1930s-1960s. She is also member of research groups in France. She authored many articles, and among her outstanding books, see: La Casaque d’Arlequim. Belo Horizonte, une capitale éclectique au XIXe siècle, Paris: EHESS, 1997; Capital Cities of XIXth Century. Rationality, Cosmopolitism and Transfert of models (with collaborations of A. Picon, B. Lepetit and D. Calabi). São Paulo: EDUSP, 2001; The Photographic Eye. Marcel Gautherot and his Time. São Paulo: MAB-FAAP, 2007 (with O. Lugon and L. Segala); Bernard Lepetit. Por uma nova história urbana. São Paulo: EDUSP 2001 e 2016 (2nd ed.).

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