Giovanni Leoni

Università di Bologna

Giovanni Leoni (b. 1958; 1984 Ma, IUAV, Venice, Italy; 1988 PhD in History of Architecture, IUAV, Venice, Italy) is full professor in History of Architecture and Coordinator of PhD Program in Architecture at Bologna University. He has researched on art and architecture writing in 19th century, particularly on John Ruskin (J. Ruskin, Opere, a cura di G. Leoni, Laterza, Roma-Bari 1987; J. Ruskin, Turner e i Preraffaelliti, a cura di G. Leoni, Einaudi, Torino 1992; J. Ruskin, Pittori  moderni, 2 voll., traduzione e cura di G. Leoni, Einaudi, Torino 1998; Architecture as Commentary: Ruskin’s Pre-Modern Architectural Thought and its Influence on Modern Architecture in: AA.VV., Ruskin and Modernism, G. Cianci, P. Nicholls, ed., Palgrave, Houndmills, Basingstoke-New York, 2001). He works on contemporary and especially Post-War architecture in Portugal (Eduardo Souto Moura with A. Esposito, Electa, Milano 2003 ext. ed. 2012; Spanish and Portuguese ed. Gili, Barcelona 2003; English ed. Phaidon, London 2004 ext. ed. 2013; Fernando Távora. Opera completa with A. Esposito, Electa, Milano 2005; Cosmopolitism vs Internationalism in Contemporary Portuguese Architecture: Távora, Siza and Souto Moura in F. Bethencourt ed., Cosmopolitanism in the Portuguese-Speaking Countries, Brill, Leiden 2017) and in Italy (In memoria dell’altra resistenza: il Museo-Monumento dei BBPR a Carpi in AA.VV., Il Muso-Monumento del Deportato politico e razziale a Carpi, BUP, Bologna 2016; Anonymous as a theme of discontinuity in the culture of Italian architecture between the first and second halves of the 20th century: E.N. Rogers and L. Ricci, in Utopia(s) – Worlds and Frontiers of the Imaginary, Maria do Rosario Monteiro, Mario S. Ming Kong, ed. CRC Press Balkema Taylor and Francis, Group, Leiden 2017; Cosmopolitismo vs internazionalismo: la questione dello “stile” agli esordi di Gabetti e Isola in G. Canella, P. Mellano, Roberto Gabetti 1925-2000, Franco Angeli, Milano 2017). He is chief editor of the academic review Histories of Postwar Architecture ( He has worked on divulging and educational publishing about modern and contemporary architecture; between 2007 and 2010 he conceived and curated MINIMUM Essential Architecture Library (first two series, Motta Architettura, Gruppo Sole 24 Ore); the Italian version of the series was published, as well as in library, in attachment to the popular magazine “L’Espresso” and the series has been translated in English (Motta), Portuguese (Folha de São Paulo, 2011), French (GRANDS ARCHITECTES, Actes Sud), Chinese (Dalian University of Technology Press). He has been member of the Scientific Committee in Public Debate for the New Highway Bypass of Bologna (2016, Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport), He is member of Advisory Board of Bologna Strategic Metropolitan Plan (2017-2020, Bologna Metropolitan City – University of Bologna).

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