Nathalie Boulouch

Université Rennes 2Archives de la critique d’art

Nathalie Boulouch, teaches history of contemporary art and history of photography at Rennes 2 University and since 2014 she is Director of the Archives de la critique d’art. Her main research focusses on the history and criticism of color photography (XIX-XXth centuries). More widely, she is researching on the relationships between art and photography and the role of photographic archive as a form of criticism. As Director of the Archives de la critique d’art, she coordinates research programs exploring the archives of art critics on different topics like the art of performance, audio-visual and oral archives. Currently, she is part of the PRISME research program : « La critique d’art, prisme des enjeux de la société contemporaine (1948-2003) ».
Recent publication : N. Boulouch, A. Kramer-Mallordy (dir.), Critique d’art et médias, publication électronique, 2016,