Suzanne Stephens

Columbia University, Barnard College

Suzanne Stephens is adjunct professor at the Architecture Department of Barnard College (Columbia University, New York). Since 1982, she has been teaching a seminar on “American Architectural Criticism in Magazines and Newspapers, 1850 to The Present Day.” Stephens completed her Ph.D. dissertation entitled  “Tenacious Beauty: The Shifting Role of Aesthetic Criteria in Architecture Criticism, 1850-1915” at Cornell University in 2002.
Her most significant scientific articles on the topic are: “Assessing the State of Architectural Criticism in Today’s Press”, Architectural Record (March 1998, 64-69, 194) and « La critique architecturale aux États-Unis entre 1930 et 2005: Lewis Mumford, Ada Louise Huxtable, and Herbert Muschamp », in Frampton, Jannière, Les Cahiers de la Recherche architecturale n°25, 2009.
Suzanne Stephens is a professional critic and is currently a deputy editor of The Architectural Record. Since the late 1960s, she has served as an editor and journalist for numerous American architectural periodicals: Progressive Architecture, Architectural Forum, Architectural Record and Skyline, the review of the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. She has also written for daily newspapers as The New York Times and popular magazines like Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, New York Magazine, Manhattan Inc., and House and Garden. Last, as another form of architectural criticism.
Stephens has been the architectural consultant for 14 documentaries produced by Checkerboard Films over the last ten years.

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