News : Workshop, Mapping Architectural Criticism in China

Building upon a research begun in 2014 and aimed at undertaking the construction of a historical overview of architectural criticism in the Western world, the workshop intends to discuss extending a similar study to China, charting past and current Chinese notions and forms of architectural criticism and placing them in a comparative perspective.

Among the questions the workshop intends to address are: what is the state of architectural criticism in today’s China? Has anything that can be called architectural criticism existed before and under which forms? Who have been and who are its major stakeholders? To which extent architectural criticism in China developed in relation to comparable experiences in the rest of the world? And to which extent it unfolded in an autonomous and independent way, with traits peculiar to its context? What can we learn from the history and current practice of architectural criticism in China? And how the latter can interact with architectural criticism in the rest of the world?

By involving researchers with different academic affiliations and cultural backgrounds, the workshop wants to start a debate about architectural criticism in China and in the West, fostering a dialogue meant to create the conditions for future research collaborations.

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New Master in History of Architecture, Université Rennes 2-ENSAB

Master 2 : Parcours Histoire Théories Critique de l’Architecture
Candidatures du 23 avril au 14 mai 2018

Le Master Mention Histoire de l’art de l’Université Rennes 2 offre aux étudiants la possibilité d’un parcours spécialisé, en Master 2, en histoire de l’architecture. Intitulée Histoire, Théories, Critique de l’Architecture (HTCA). Fondée sur la pluralité et la complémentarité des compétences et approches pédagogiques, cette formation de Master 2, associe le Département d’Histoire de l’art et Archéologie de l’Université Rennes 2 et l’ENSA Bretagne. Continuer la lecture de « New Master in History of Architecture, Université Rennes 2-ENSAB »

Job offer: postdoctoral Fellow

  • Project Title: Architectural Criticism, an intellectual and material cartography
  • Research Fields: Architectural History, Architectural Criticism
  • Work Place: Rennes
  • Research Laboratory: Research Team Histoire et Critique des Arts (EA 1279)
  •  UBL Research Departement: Arts Culture Création Patrimoine ACCP
  • Head(s) of the Scientific Project: Hélène Jannière (
  • Offer type: Postdoctoral Researcher (short term contract, 18 month, full time)
  • Hiring Institution: Rennes 2 University
  • Application deadline: January 14th, 2018
  • Job Starting Date: From March 1st, 2018 Continuer la lecture de « Job offer: postdoctoral Fellow »

Call for articles – Revue CLARA Architecture/Recherche Journal – Architectural Criticism and Public Debate

The yearly journal CLARA Architecture/Recherche, and the guest editors Hélène Jannière (Université Rennes 2) and Paolo Scrivano (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University), invite submissions of papers around the theme of « Architectural Criticism and Public Debate » for CLARA’s 5th volume, to be published in 2018. Continuer la lecture de « Call for articles – Revue CLARA Architecture/Recherche Journal – Architectural Criticism and Public Debate »