Actors and Vehicles of Architectural Criticism


Blending Textual and Visual Rhetoric for a Critical Discourse:
Oscar Niemeyer and Marcel Gautherot at Modulo (1955-1962)
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Among Criticism, Design and Photography.
A Literary and Photographic Way for the Criticism
in Shared Works by Vittorio Savi, Aldo Rossi and Luigi Ghirri
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The Role of Architectural Journals
between Medium and the Message
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A Journal and a Newsletter:
Criticism and Provocation in a Developing Nation
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The Manifesto as a Vehicle of Criticism in Architectural Discourse
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Agendas, Actors and Authorship:
Reconsidering The New Brutalism. Ethic or Aesthetic?
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From Satire to Criticism:
Comics in Architecture Publications in the 1960s and 1970s
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Actors of Criticism:
How the Editors of AD Magazine shaped Architecture
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Delirious Realism:
The Intermedial Architectural Criticism of Siegfried Kracauer
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The 1924 Form and Color show and the Critique of Architecture Criticism
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Writing through the Eye of an Architect.
Erich Mendelsohn’s Visual Criticism
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“Borba”: a Daily Newspaper, an Architecture Prize
and the Spectacle of Criticism
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Antwerp Architectural Exhibitions as Critical Actor in Belgium
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Knowledge, History, and Work:
Critical Positions at the Royal Institute of British Architects
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On Via Gluck: Adriano Celentano as Architectural Critic
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